The perfect world would be when everybody will find soulmate love

Most of the time people are living without love, it pushing them to find happiness in all kind of addictions, that with time bring aggression, so we are living in aggressive world because people don’t live in love, so the importance of finding soulmate love is not just in happiness of couples, the impact is all around them… so the solution for happy world is love, but love start at home… People who live in love are happy people, they fight less and they give more to others. The perfect world would be when everybody will find soulmate lovethe-perfect-word

Soulmates are the best actors in their love movie

Only people that see life in the same or very similar eyes, this is how you can see soulmate connection in reality, have real chance to keep their love after the physical attraction will be over (this take max 2 years if living together)
There are no such things as life without problems, soulmate often if not all the times has the same life problems cause they have the same things to learn in life. So together soulmates have the best chances to cross and learn their life lessons faster and with much less pain. Its why soulmate love is the preferred divine couple love connection and indeed all soulmates have this divine feeling when they are together that help them cross any hard times and problems together with love and happiness. Soulmates are the best actors in their love movie

In the end, only one thing matter – LOVE

We are all just souls, all the rest is illusion, so the most important love connection is soul connection and not physical connection, however we are blind by our 3D limited brain that have only physical needs and this is our problem and our test in life, it’s the way we learn, mostly by making mistakes and learn by pain.. Rarely we are lucky and do the right things among them in finding real love connection or in other name “soulmate love” only than we do really find “the one” only 0.8% of the married couples get married with soulmates… and do build real home of love for the rest of their life. The importance of finding the highest form of love connection is huge, if we all people would find such love the world would be a very, very different place, cause people who live in love relationship, are way more happy, healthy, fruitful, positive, successful, and able to fulfill their  full abilities and so do their kids and families… our blindness is creating huge damage to humanity, there is not even way to measure it … but that’s our test and way to learn we do learn mostly in blood and pain.. and what we came here to learn? In the end only 1 thing – LOVE … and what is love ? In the end it is 1 thing – GIVING ! In the end

Our life is biggest school

We all have hearts and feelings but we can never really know why things happen, why people do things or not, I am sure you don’t fully know why you did some bad things in your life, no one is perfect this is the pivotal point anyone should adapt when looking into people’s actions, and because we aren’t perfect we do make mistakes some more some less but we all do mistakes and this is how we learn it is exactly the reason why we are in this life. if someone do bad to you just get him/her out of your life as soon as possible , this what. You learned and got stronger and it get you better ready for move on in the big school we named – life…
Our life is biggest school