How to find your soulmate love?

We have many soul mates, but not cause we knew them in the past lives, if talking about time on the soul level, there is no time at all , so we can imagine how it’s look like living where the souls are, a place where time is dimension, you can move back in time, so in this case we are all soulmates… because we came from 1 soul the first man… So soulmate love comes from other reason, it’s the soul level energy that pull us, to like each other and some time to fall in love. More and more people can find soul mates now because of the internet, and this have nothing to do with some change in “the electromagnetic pull of the earth” nor cause we started love our self more, people love them selves all the time and way to much, this is the problem, not the reason why they find soulmates… and sex was and is one of the biggest force and form of self love, mostly in males of any animal, this what push any animal for find a mate and secure the survival of the species, it is the natural force of evolution, nothing to do with soul mates !

I also don’t believe in “calling your soulmate ” I believe people should put themselves out there in any place they can, and say it loud and clear, that they are looking for real love ! call it soul mate or not … and look for it, search it, till you’ll find one of yours, there are millions of soul mates to any one, just find them and with one of your potential soul mates, you may have real love, the internet is the best way to do so, now ! The creator will not help you out, he don’t go and help people on personal level! He put his angels ( so called Elohim ) long ago in the creation time, this was about 14 milliard years ago ( in our 3D earthly time counting )  in the time of the so called ‘ big-bang ‘ ! Those angelic forces are pushing any living thing in the universe to advance on the spiritual level in evolutionary process.

The Angels teaching us the creator will – how to love, by pushing us in the life needs. So yes this include sex, power, greed and all the bad things that we know life bring. Most of the time we learn with the negative aspect of life, so with the opain this life bring, we learn and understand that this isn’t the way, this called the way of life, but we must force our self to be better and come over our egoistic body needs, cause we are not our bodies, we are the souls, jailed in our bodies, unfortunately too many times we learn only by the negative side, by pain, we don’t really learn from other mistakes, we have to do them all over again, people learn by the way of life the difference from good and evil or in other way the different from love and hate, or give and take, but this take time, not everyone are on the same understanding of the real reality. The way we understand life called, soul level and from this, the importance of finding soul mate, one who can walk with you in the same path on the same life level understanding, so together you can advance as fast as possible and in the same path… ( so this love will not brake ). Because there is one thing that we can’t have in life – rolling time back… so time is the most expansive thing and there for, it is so important to find your soul mate as fast as possible in life, it is your obligation to your self, your soul, to do what ever you can, while you are alive, to find a soul mate that can help you advance your soul.

Just Hidding and pray your God , will not help! Put your self out there in every dating website, every group or try any other way that may lead you to your soul mate, this is not just the right way, it’s the must way… You need to simply search for one soul mate and I’m sure you’ll find, cause there are millions in your soul level out there !

One thing though can block anyone from finding love; when someone don’t love him self, this is maybe the biggest problem people have in life, luck of understanding that they can be anything they wish to be, if they really want it… but that’s for other post 🙂

More information here soulmatelove!we-come-to-learn-love


Soul Mates are all those in the same “life classroom”

Soul Mates are all those in the same “life classroom ” in other words all those in our soul group, we all have millions of soulmate all around the world , we’ll never meet 99.9% of them , but we may have few chances to meet few of our soulmates, those connections our souls will feel immediately, but this isn’t mean they will be our lovers, some will be our best friends, teachers, and 1 can be your soulmate love, rarely it may happen even more than ones in lifetime. The problem is to find them, cause they are all over the world, most don’t fit us for romantic connections, for many external features as; age, location, religion, look, gender, or simply because they aren’t free… Sadly this is why only 0.8% of the married couple are soulmates. I hope that soon this sad statistic can be changed. Read more GuideAngel
There is the WE

The perfect world would be when everybody will find soulmate love

Most of the time people are living without love, it pushing them to find happiness in all kind of addictions, that with time bring aggression, so we are living in aggressive world because people don’t live in love, so the importance of finding soulmate love is not just in happiness of couples, the impact is all around them… so the solution for happy world is love, but love start at home… People who live in love are happy people, they fight less and they give more to others. The perfect world would be when everybody will find soulmate lovethe-perfect-word

Soulmates are the best actors in their love movie

Only people that see life in the same or very similar eyes, this is how you can see soulmate connection in reality, have real chance to keep their love after the physical attraction will be over (this take max 2 years if living together)
There are no such things as life without problems, soulmate often if not all the times has the same life problems cause they have the same things to learn in life. So together soulmates have the best chances to cross and learn their life lessons faster and with much less pain. Its why soulmate love is the preferred divine couple love connection and indeed all soulmates have this divine feeling when they are together that help them cross any hard times and problems together with love and happiness. Soulmates are the best actors in their love movie